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Jungle Future Living

“At KAN, sustainability is at the forefront of our mind, we understand sustainability has a place in everyone’s heart. We also understand sustainability has a different meaning to most people, so we try to cover all basis from soil and operations right up to renewable energy sources.”
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kan tulum bamboo bio construction
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KAN Tulum by Kan Industries
Ethical Design

At KAN the priority is the conservation of the environment, therefore, using the latest generation of solar and sustainable building materials, and working with the best designers in the field, KAN prides itself on having a clearer vision of the word "Green" showing that sustainable living and luxury are not mutually exclusive.

Although KAN is highly concerned with technology, it also embraces low-tech ways of living sustainably such as gardening, positive psychology, and DIY culture.

The concept:

KAN is about young creative culture, local solutions, local power grids, ways to create autonomous systems. It's about loving and healing ourselves and the world
Kan Tulum Organic design
  • Walls that breathe
    We let nature’s system work as intended, with units boasting living outer walls encased in bamboo. These living walls will host climbing plants that reduce internal temperatures by several degrees, creating natural insulation and has the ability to regulate moisture and absorb pollution taking up mora than 80T. CO2 from the atmosphere every year.
  • Solar Powered
    We’ve created a realistic solution where a high percentage of the air conditioning in the property is powered by solar panels. KAN is about High-tech backends with simple and elegant outlets.
  • Soil and water conservation
    KAN is developed in a present built according to ethical principles of environmental sustainability where no tree was cut down, ground and sea water is left undisturbed and humans heal.
Kan Tulum solar energy
For a better future we have drifted away just in time to stop the slow destruction of our planet. We have learned to use science wisely to improve our living conditions and become part of nature. We are no longer takers. We are caregivers. We are humans.